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Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes Therapists Make that Keep Children & Teens Stuck in Anxiety

And learn practical strategies to use instead & start see immediate progress!

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You probably became a helping professional to help people.

Unfortunately, despite all our training, researchers have has shown that therapists are not very effective in their work and that experience can actually worsen their effectiveness.

Worse yet, we are often inundated with so much information about anxiety that it’s hard to know what approach is best. The most popular strategies are not necessarily the most effective and can actually stall our clients' progress or even worsen their anxiety.

For example, did you know that the use of fear hierarchies can actually slow your client’s progress?

It's time to take control of your professional development and become a highly effective therapist when working with anxious clients.

Graduate training did not teach mental health professionals the specific tools they need to master anxiety. Most CE trainings teach more theory and less practical tools, are boring, are plain ineffective, and do not promote skill development.

That's exactly why this free workshop was developed, exclusively for mental health practitioners and educators, to learn about the common mistakes to avoid and how to start making immediate, meaningful progress instead.

You'll learn from our master anxiety expert & Director who has taught professionals about anxiety since 2012!

You deserve better training

Are you ready to learn about the most common mistakes to avoid and what you must do to see immediate progress and optimize client outcomes?

    You too CAN be a highly effective therapist as your clients (and your practice!) thrive. Master your skills and achieve a sense of fulfillment and confidence in the work you love.

    Are you ready to become the Life Changer you are meant to be?

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    Dr. Caroline is very easy to listen and relate to. The way she explains situations and tools makes me feel like I can handle it. She is one of the best and if you listen to anything she is a part of you will be convinced as well. Thank you, Dr. Caroline, for all you do!

    Dr. Caroline Buzanko has enthusiastically shared her expertise to our team. She has provided invaluable tools and strategies, and we cannot thank her enough for her knowledge, skill, and engaging sessions in supporting our community!

    Dr. Caroline has been an incredible resource for our agency. Her knowledge around anxiety has been an invaluable contribution to our team's professional development and the services we offer.