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Dad Jokes for Resilience & Pathological Demand Avoidance

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Check out this week's episodes of Overpowering Emotions and Parents of the Year podcasts!

On Overpowering Emotions, I dive into the misunderstood world of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) and its link to anxiety. In Part one today, I discuss the key characteristics of PDA, including the avoidance of demands, difficulties with social communication, and a need for control.

PDA is often misunderstood. Unfortunately, without a clear understanding of PDA, children and teens may receive inappropriate supports that fail to address their specific needs and can worsen their anxiety and worsen avoidant behaviours. Even worse, these kiddos may be stigmatized and considered "difficult" or "oppositional.”

This episode is a must-listen to learn more about PDA and ensure that these children and teens receive the support and intervention they need to thrive.


In this week's episode of Parents of the Year, Andrew quizzes me about what parents can do to help raise emotionally healthy and well-balanced kids.

Parents modelling positive behaviour is a critical component, as are strong communication skills and finding opportunities to challenge your kids to take on situations that offer them the chance to learn and apply new skills. BUT they're not the only thing.

The answer to this week's question was actually a topic that is very close to Andrew's heart, Dad Jokes!

Similar to putting our kids into awkward situations, bad Dad Jokes, teach our kids how to handle being embarrassed and dealing with situations that make them feel comfortable.

To read more about the article that prompted the question, you can read it here

And if you need some inspiration on how to embarrass your kids, look no further


Hi! I'm Dr. Caroline Buzanko

I am made up of many things. Psychologist. Mother. Actress. Public Speaker. Yoda of anxiety. ADHD Superhero. Changer of Lives. I work with children, teens, and their families to help them build better lives by maximizing confidence and forging their resilience. I also work with professionals and educators looking for training and approaches to work effectively with their clients. With over 20 years of experience, I know that maximizing confidence and resilience starts with fostering strong family connections, developing skills, and implementing effective, practical strategies to capitalize on strengths. My focus is on developing these skills for long-term success and positive well-being.

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